Our location is at the
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
4836 Cascade St
Chesterfield, VA 23234

CIA for Girls Staff

School Staff

audrey smith 
Audrey Smith, Head of School 
Audrey began her career in corporate life, and relocated with her family to Richmond, Virginia in 1988. After 20 years in the business world, she chose to pursue her passion for music and left corporate life to complete a music degree at Virginia State University.
Audrey taught students for 15 years at Falling Creek Middle School and served as a mentor for girls during those years. She coupled her business experience with her passion for educating and mentoring girls to serve as a co-founder of Chesterfield Innovative Academy for Girls.
She has a Masters in Educational Leadership and served as Executive Director from July
2014 to July 2017, and moved to the position of Head of School, July 2017.
betty walker 
Betty Walker, Development and Admissions Director
Betty is an initial co-founder of the school and has been in the field of education for over 40 years.
Betty started teaching in New York in 1974 and has worked in elementary, middle, and alternative school settings. She taught Life Science and Physical Science in Virginia from 1986-2014 and was a trainer for the Virginia Education Association integrating a classroom management module to new and veteran teachers.
Betty now serves the school as Director of Development and Admissions.
amy snow 
Amy Snow, Head Teacher
Amy is an experienced teacher having worked for years in San Diego and New York within a wide range of educational settings including public schools setting as well as programs for children with special needs.
Amy completed her Bachelor of Science degree through San Diego State University and completed her Master's degree in education at the University of New Haven. Amy is also an accomplished artist and has expertise in mindfulness and meditation which helps her embrace the school's curriculum which encourages individuality, exploration, and diverse learning styles.
adrienne simms
Adrienne Simms, Teacher

Board of Directors

  • Board Chair - Janet Moran, Attorney at Law
  • Secretary - Bryce Robertson, Dyer Immigration Group
  • Treasurer - Betty Walker, Retired Educator
  • Past Board Chair - Dr. Tommye Finley, Retired Principal and Educator
  • Church Representative - Darlene Judosn, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
  • Head of School - Audrey Smith, Retired Educator

4836 Cascade St
Chesterfield, VA 23234 
  Chesterfield Innovative Academy for Girls
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
  Office Phone: 804-774-9414