The Garden Schoolhouse, currently known as Chesterfield Innovative Academy for Girls, is a child development center for children ages three through kindergarten. The school is united, diverse, friendly, and devoted to children becoming independent learners and leaders.*


The child development center will open to all children Fall 2018.

Our approach to learning is inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophy of education, grounded in developmentally appropriate practice, and infused with habits of mind that children and adults need for a lifetime of learning.

  • Children observe and experiment from birth to understand their world.

  • Children are naturally curious, creative, and motivated to discover and learn.

  • The role of educators is to nurture and sustain children’s curiosity.

  • Play is necessary to physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

  • We believe in our connection to all people, all living things, and the earth.

*Thanks to the Createathon Team at The Collegiate School for our new name and logo: Haley Kellam, Meade Spotts, Jere Williams, and Allen Chamberlain.


For more information, call us (804-794-9414) or visit our website:

The Garden Schoolhouse

4836 Cascade Street, N. Chesterfield, VA 23234