"My husband and I are proud parents of three amazing children, two of which are girls.  Both of our girls attend Chesterfield Innovative Academy for Girls.  This our first year attending the school and our lives have been enriched from the first day that we walked through the door.  The diversity, the commitment and the love that is displayed is invaluable.  We are beyond blessed to be a part of a school that is dedicated to the nurturing, development and wellbeing of our girls."

                         -- Robert & Shantelle Brown, Parents, 2016

"Three days was all it took for them to look at my child and discern who she was. That’s incredibly meaningful to me. [She] is blossoming. She is reading, writing, creating, acting, thinking, exploring, and being allowed to be “exuberantly curious”

[She] tells me that the only thing she doesn’t like about CIA is that the day doesn’t last long enough."

                         -- Mandi Davis, Parent, 2015

"Here is a list of what I love about CIA4Girls:

  • Every time I walk in to drop off of pick up [my child] we are greeted with excitement by her teachers
  • Amy, Betty, and Audrey have become our extended family
  • They are happy to answer questions, share resources and provide guidance in our effort to provide a loving home to [our child] (my husband, Chris, and I still joke that children need to come with instruction books)
  • Lunch is enjoyed as a community, everyone stops whatever they are doing to sit and eat with the girls
  • [My daughter] wants to build a garden at home like they have at school, she's asked to have her teacher over for dinner
  • Amy attended [our daughter's] birthday party and Audrey and Betty attended her dance recital (on a Friday evening)
  • She is loved a cared for and she looks forward to going to school every day
                         -- Adrienne Capollupo, Parent, 2016


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