When my daughter started to attend CIA for Girls my husband and I knew we were in for something special. She has grown into someone who is more independent and loves to work on projects. She loves to paint, draw or create a story and take us along with her on her journey.
Never in a million years did we think our daughter would get the opportunity to have the most amazing teachers that she has at CIA for Girls. Ms. Amy, Ms. Audrey and Ms. Betty take the time to work with our daughter to allow her to be the best that she can be and bring concerns to us if we need to know. I’m so grateful for CIA for Girls. I can’t wait to see what is next.
                          -- Lenée Français Harner Pennington, Parent
As a donor it has been a pleasure to watch the journey of Chesterfield Innovative Academy for Girls over the past several years. To see these young girls flourish in a learning environment that encourages individualism, creativity, self worth, and respect for others is truly distinctive. Volunteering each week in the classroom, I see first hand the impact of my donations at work. These girls and their families have been given a unique opportunity, and I'm blessed that I've been able to help monetarily.
                          -- Maureen Coker, Donor and Volunteer 
When Audrey asked me if I’d like to teach the students at CIA for Girls about birds and bird watching I was thrilled. I’m not a trained teacher, but I thought I would be able to communicate my love of birds to the girls and the knowledge gained over a lifetime of watching them. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t watch birds, and my grandparents and parents often took us on family outings with the local birdwatching group. I love having the opportunity to pass on my passion and possibly spark a passion in one of these children.
What a joy it is to hear “Hi, Miss Cindy!” when I walk into CIA, and to see the little faces of precious girls so eager to learn. I feel privileged to be a part of this unique learning environment!
                       -- Miss Cindy, Volunteer (Bird Watching)
Our family loves Chesterfield Innovative Academy for Girls. It is hardly your traditional school. Educators encourage each student to learn through their natural curiosity about the world around them. Our daughter has developed a love of reading, which is something that we, her parents, never really acquired. The school offers a creative, nurturing environment for each girl to learn and realize her unique potential and ability.
Furthermore, CIA provides plenty of outdoor class time and outdoor play, which is something that children intrinsically need. The staff is committed to making a difference in each girl’s life, and we are thankful and fortunate that our daughters are in their caring and capable hands
                     -- Stephanie and Will Christmas, Parents
I was a believer in your purpose before the visit, but I'm an evangelist for your purpose after the visit! It was lovely to experience the love and dedication to learning that the students and teachers have. There's a quality of gentleness paired with a serious mission in your school that is uncommon.
                    -- Allen Chamberlain, Head Librarian, Saunders Family Library; Upper School English Department, Collegiate School
Audrey, Betty and Staff,
You all continue to impress, inspire, educate and instill the best values in our young community girls. Lydia and I are proud of your tenacity and professionalism. Ya’ll get things done, well!
                    -- Ralph and Lydia Snyder, Donors

Here is a list of what I love about CIA4Girls:

  • Every time I walk in to drop off of pick up [my child] we are greeted with excitement by her teachers
  • Amy, Betty, and Audrey have become our extended family
  • They are happy to answer questions, share resources and provide guidance in our effort to provide a loving home to [our child] (my husband, Chris, and I still joke that children need to come with instruction books)
  • Lunch is enjoyed as a community, everyone stops whatever they are doing to sit and eat with the girls
  • [My daughter] wants to build a garden at home like they have at school, she's asked to have her teacher over for dinner
  • Amy attended [our daughter's] birthday party and Audrey and Betty attended her dance recital (on a Friday evening)
  • She is loved a cared for and she looks forward to going to school every day
                         -- Adrienne Capollupo, Parent, 2016
My husband and I are proud parents of three amazing children, two of which are girls. Both of our girls attend Chesterfield Innovative Academy for Girls. This our first year attending the school and our lives have been enriched from the first day that we walked through the door. The diversity, the commitment and the love that is displayed is invaluable. We are beyond blessed to be a part of a school that is dedicated to the nurturing, development and well-being of our girls.

-- Robert & Shantelle Brown, Parents, 2016

Three days was all it took for them to look at my child and discern who she was. That’s incredibly meaningful to me. [She] is blossoming. She is reading, writing, creating, acting, thinking, exploring, and being allowed to be “exuberantly curious”

[She] tells me that the only thing she doesn’t like about CIA is that the day doesn’t last long enough.

-- Mandi Davis, Parent, 2015


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